Current Suggestion Queue (Updated June 28th, 2020)

Users can post suggestions for the server here. Please note that not every suggestion can be implemented.
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Current Suggestion Queue (Updated June 28th, 2020)

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This is a list of suggestions that have been received, with the user that suggested them and the suggestion's current status. The list is in order of addition, and does not indicate importance. Please do not feel bad if your suggestion is at the very bottom.
Suggestion Queue
> Pangya Equips (Arin/Kooh sets)
Suggested by: GM Light
Status: addition is possible, will likely be added upon or soon after opening. Using English/Global files.
(05/10/2020 UPDATE: files and info have been gathered! A few non stat-related tweaks have been made to have the files "fit", though more may be needed.)

UPDATE 06/21/2020: Added to the game successfully! However, they will not be distributed just yet.

> Polar Bear (Paula) boxes :polar:
Suggested by: GM Light
Status: unsure if possible, but on the list anyway. Will use Japanese files if confirmed, with a custom translation.

UPDATE 06/28/2020: Added successfully!

> 2nd job character boxes + earrings
Suggested by: GM Light
Status: Possible, but earrings will be implemented differently. Using English/Global files.

> Buying multiple drills from Item Girl (instead of one at a time)
Suggested by: Elyon
Status: I'm not sure about this one. It might be?
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