Suggestions: What Can and Cannot Be Done

Users can post suggestions for the server here. Please note that not every suggestion can be implemented.
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Suggestions: What Can and Cannot Be Done

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There is only so much that can be done in terms of suggestions. Please keep yours limited to what is detailed below.

What CANNOT Be Done
>Adding the Polar Bear character (the equips have been added, however)
>Adding new/missing skills (impossible due to the lack of a resource required for them)
>Adding items from the Korean client (the program I use cannot read the files from it, plus I can't read Korean :P)
>Same-sex marriages (would require the source code, which I do not have)

What WILL NOT Be Done
>Editing any part of the game to make it unbalanced (driller pets will still be timed)
>Any suggestions typed in sarcastic/"snarky" tones
>Creation of an advanced item trade system, allowing otherwise untradeable items to be sold and bought freely (a LOT of Myshop items are tradeable, however)
>Adding custom items from other servers (that's just wrong!)

What CAN be done
>Adding items from the Japanese*, English or Thai clients
>Editing items to make them more like they were in eTO** (namely, making the kitty earrings a sprint and not an accessory)
>Creating custom items (please do not ask for these--they will be created on my own time. sprites will need to be made)

What WILL be done
I cannot make any guarantees as to if your suggestion can/will be implemented or not. I will reply to your thread to inform you of this.

* My Japanese is limited, so bear with me.
** Items cannot be remade exactly. Sorry, Singha fans, you will still have to wait until level 120 for your items.
:gm: Be sure to read all rules and FAQs before asking any questions! :gm:
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