Server and Forum Rules

Contains important topics, including the server and forum rules.
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Server and Forum Rules

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(Last updated 7/19/2020: Added a rule on political discussions.)

:gm: Welcome to Trickster Online Rebooted! :gm:

Thank you for taking interest in our community. Before you post (or join, preferably), please take time to read these rules.

GLOBAL RULES (server and forum)

1) Courtesy is of the utmost importance. Be kind to your fellow Tricksters, staff and player alike. Discrimination and drama are as far from welcome sights as can be. I don't like them. No one likes them.

2) All conversation is to be PG-13 or lower. Swearing is allowed, but please don't fill your post with it. Sexual content is not allowed.

3) Please keep all public conversation in English. I understand that this may be hard for some, and that is okay. Broken English is fine here. You are trying your best, and that is what matters most.
>Any private conversation may be in your native language.
>>The forum has language packs in Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese (simplified and traditional script), and Brazilian Portuguese. These translate the forum (with the exception of posts) into your language of choice. You can set these in your user control panel (the triangle by your username), under "Board Preferences".

3) Any and all discussion of other fan-run Trickster servers is explicitly forbidden. It implies that you want to be there instead of here. It's rather rude, you see. This is a rule that will be VERY strictly enforced!
(UPDATE 3/3/20: Quick mentions of these servers in the "Intro Zone" forum are now allowed, but please do not go into detail about them.)

4) Want to be a staff member? Show, don't tell. Asking to be a staff member is not allowed. Staff members will be picked by me based on their actions in the community.
>No GMs will be added for the foreseeable future.

5) Please don't ask when the server will be open! A lot of work has to be done before that happens.

6) Spam of any kind, be it on the in-game "All" chat, TBN system, or on the forums, is not allowed. This gets very annoying very quickly.

7) Please do your account(s) a favor and don't break rules repeatedly! Warnings can become penalties, and penalties can become outright bans. Repeated offenders will not be taken lightly, but rather more harshly. This applies to all rules.

8) The discussion of anything pertaining to politics, no matter the country, is not allowed. Trickster should be an escape from all that, and it could very well be for some people. Let's not make things too realistic.

9) These rules can and will be updated without notice. Keep your eyes peeled.


1) Selling any items, including accounts, for real-life currency is forbidden and will result in a ban.

2) Sharing accounts is NOT allowed due to our closed alpha state.

3) A strict two accounts per person limit will be enforced. Six characters should be enough for one person.
>You can notify me of your new account by either A) sending me a message about it or B) listing your characters in your signature. Method B is the one I recommend using, and is a requirement for all staff members in order to avoid impersonation.

4) Speaking of which, impersonating a staff member, me included, is forbidden and will get you banned. You will be able to tell a staff member apart from another player by the following:
>Being a part of the "TO Rebooted Staff" guild in-game
>Having one of the following titles on their forum account: "GM", "Forum Admin", "Forum Moderator", or "Server Staff"
>Their forum username is in purple (me), red, green, or dark pink

5) If you want to report suspicious activity in-game, a screenshot of the activity must be included. Reports will not be taken based on words alone. Proof is a requirement.

6) Hacking the game is a VERY good way to get a permanent global (server and forum) ban. This server does not rely on GameGuard or the like to keep hackers out, so you will be expected to play fair.
> Suspect a hacker or hacked item? Take a screenshot and send it to me ASAP! The sooner they're out, the better.


1) Post all topics in their appropriate spot. While topics can be moved by staff easily, I would rather not see a slew of cat guides in the server suggestions.

2) Posts with excessive emoticons :D :D :D :D , lots of punctuation over and over!!!!!, AnNoYiNg tYpInG qUiRkS, and the like will be edited by a staff member without notice.The best posts are the ones that are, most importantly, readable.

3) Feel the need to rant about something? Don't do it here, please. This especially goes for anything related to our server, be it staff, other members, what-have-you. Words can hurt some people more than others.

4) Got a lot to type? Please use the spoiler BBCode. You can add it by clicking on the crossed-out-eye icon or by beginning/ending your post like so:
Stick your long posts under these, please

Code: Select all

[spoiler]Stick your long posts under these, please[/spoiler]
> Fun fact! You can also set a custom title for your spoiler. This is good for setting a preface for your posts and can be as long as you like, but please keep it short and sweet. For example:
Episode 6 Spoilers
Don Cavalier was dead all along O.O

Code: Select all

[spoiler title=Episode 6 Spoilers]Don Cavalier was dead all along O.O[/spoiler]
The following is a full list of things not mentioned in the rules that will get you a warning from the server and/or forum. Bold items indicate the worst offenses, and will result in an irreversible ban.
  • Discussing or posting illicit material as defined in the United States of America (this especially includes drugs or pornography of any kind)
  • Harassing a player or staff member
  • Linking to any file sharing sites (that aren't the client download, which will be up when the server releases)
  • Alpha Testers/Players: sharing the client with anyone that is outside of the group
  • Leaking server files or private server-related information to other people, especially to other servers (for example, how the server works, exclusive items, etc etc)
  • Using any racist, defamatory, or otherwise hateful speech, including the modern-day connotation of the "n-word"
  • Engaging in any political discussion
With all that said, have fun! And be patient, too, please.

--GM Light
:gm: Be sure to read all rules and FAQs before asking any questions! :gm:
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