Lockdown to be Lifted on August 15th

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Lockdown to be Lifted on August 15th

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UPDATE: The lockdown has been lifted.

Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief now. After just about a month after being on lockdown, I will be lifting it. The plan is simple: On or around August 15th, I will be reopening the Discord to the public with a new URL and stricter tester guidelines. They are as follows:
  • Anyone is free to join, but to become a tester, they must have been on the server for a minimum of one week. Engaging in some kind of conversation, preferably Trickster-related, is also required.
  • After that time has passed, they may post a request to be a tester in the new Tester Requests channel. The request must detail the following, no exceptions:
    > what they plan to contribute as a tester
    > their experience with Trickster
    > any plans they want to bring to the table (suggested but not required)
    > a field they want to work in (saying "any" is an option, but is frowned upon--I would much prefer an area specified)
    > their time zone
    > preferred contact times (if any, but they must have been converted to the UTC -5 time zone)
  • If I find their request satisfactory, they will be DMed by me for further questioning. If their DMs are not open, their request will be ignored.
  • If they are approved to be a tester, their activity will be monitored closely. This is to ensure no leaks are made. (Yeah, I know, it sounds creepy and looking out for leaks when the server isn't even open is a bit extreme...but I'm not taking any chances.)
The new link will be posted on the forum and in the website's footer, next to the Lina sprite. :bunny:

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