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IMPORTANT: Forum to Be Closed

Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2020 10:13 am
by GM Light
With the reopening of our Discord comes this piece of somber news (copy/paste from our Discord announcements channel):

"I'm going to begin transitioning the use of the forum to the use of this Discord. There will still be some parts of it kept up for the time being (like the rules) but over time, I am going to transition important topics over to the main website. Once this is done, the forums will be permanently closed down, and the Discord will become the main community.

"Why are you doing this, GM Light?" Simple--who uses the forum? I seem to be the only person. We're bound to grow and expand in the future (though given our current state, I honestly have my doubts) but I cannot see the forums continuing to exist from here on.

Current roadmap:
1) give the rules their own page on the site (I'll likely add it to the registration page as well)
2) create a proper guide page
3) move staff discussion to a proper Discord channel
4) preserve any other forum info
5) close the forum, with its current link going to the Discord invite link."

There is currently no set time frame for this. However, I will ensure you all that I'll make sure all important information is preserved.

Thank you for reading,