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rbTO and YOU: A Beginner's Guide

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 5:24 pm
by GM Light
First off, let me be the first to say welcome to TO Rebooted! This guide will detail what makes us different from other servers. Whether or not that makes us "better" is up to you, and we are constantly adding things--so this will likely be updated a lot before things open up publicly. Nonetheless, let's get started!

Table of Contents

> Basics :gm:
> Customization :cat:
> Future Plans? :sheep:

Re: rbTO and YOU: A Beginner's Guide

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 5:30 pm
by GM Light

Let's get down to the more obvious parts. First, this server is based off the Taiwanese version of Trickster, also known as Caballa Online. As such, there are many things we do not have, and many things we cannot have. Among these are:
  • Item de-fusion. This does not exist in the code. Inserting it will likely require a web-based system.
  • Chaos Tower. Yes, I know, this is essentially a make-or-break thing for Trickster servers. (Seems like it anyway.) But no, we do not have Chaos Tower. Along with this, we lack the TM 240 3rd job skills, which are dropped by Chaos Tower monsters.
    > In case you are wondering, we technically do not have Chaos Spire either--I've cut off the only warp to it. I can't name anyone who would go there, to tell you the truth.
  • Speaking of skills, we also lack the TM level 210 (260) skills. It is literally impossible to insert these (as well as the Chaos Tower skills) at the moment. Why? There is a resource missing, and without that, it cannot be done. I apologize.
  • Chaos Tower is not the only map missing. We also lack Tapasco Spa and Neil's Camp (Techichi Town).
Basically, if it was introduced to the English version in 2012, we do not have it. However, we can most likely add certain aspects of these updates! You can find out the capabilities here, and (if you signed up for the forum) make suggestions in that section of the forum.
> Discord members can post in the suggestions channel.

A Note on Myshop
As of July 12th, Myshop is online but Gacha is not.

Forum, or Discord?
Discord. The forum will be closed in time, so please join the Discord.

Re: rbTO and YOU: A Beginner's Guide

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 7:18 pm
by GM Light

This isn't talking about customization on the server--it's talking about the custom content we've added! This list is bound to grow by leaps and bounds, so check back often!

Get Just the Look You Want (Or Close to It)

Allow me to showcase an example.
Can't see it? I think this will help.


Yes, we have the power to make custom hair colors and (even though it isn't shown here) fashion items! Making custom anything is rather difficult, however, and does come with limits. For example, to make a new first job hair color, we would have to sacrifice a currently existing one. That's how it works, unfortunately.
However, the same cannot be said for fashion. We can make as much custom fashion you can think of (or at least until I find a limit) and put it on an item.
Don't take this as an incentive to overload the staff! We can only do so much.

No Customs Fees Here

A neat little thing we can do is attempt to squeeze in items that were not originally on this version of Trickster. This has currently been done for items from the English and Japanese versions of the game, but I am not ruling out the others. (Well, maybe Korean, but that's due to things out of my control.

Our import tags are:
  • [ENG]: English/Global version ("eTO")
  • [KOR]: Korean version ("kTO")
  • [JPN]: Japanese version ("jTO")
  • [THA]: Official Thai version ("tTO") (Highly unlikely)
  • [CHN]: Mainland Chinese version ("cTO") (Highly unlikely)
  • [RBT]: Custom items
    Items that came with the game will be without tags.
No Myshop? No Problem

Just because an item was Myshop-exclusive on the original server doesn't mean it has to stay there. They can still be acquired through the power of exchange! As of July 23rd, 2020, the following custom exchanges are in place:

Rosemary's exchange table currently contains all of the 4G sets on the server, as well as the 2011 Halloween boxes and the newer 3rd job bunny and sheep fashion. The Halloween boxes combine the Incubus and Succubus boxes into one, along with some various Myshop items and the cross-tattoo. They are level 130, 240, and 320. (The boxes are also in Myshop.)

gmsunny.png (32.31 KiB) Viewed 899 times
GM Light (GM Sunny, renamed) is in Megalopolis Square exchanging items for hair dye. The exchange is as follows:
  • 1st job normal: 1 character card of that character
  • 1st job premium: 1 character card of that character + 1 arcana card of that character's type
  • 2nd job normal: 1 of that character's job promotion badge (dropped by Kaboom in Caballa Relics Dungeon 4)
  • 2nd job premium: 1 of that character's badge + 1 arcana card of that character's type
  • 3rd job: 1 of all three, as it corresponds to that character
For example:
Buffalo Hair Dye would cost one buffalo card.
Hana Coloring would cost one cat card and one arcana love card (charm-type arcana)
Magical Coloring would cost one Wise Dragon Badge.
Luxury Coloring 2 would cost one Smart Fox Badge and one Arcana Dream Card (sense-type arcana).
Super Soft Color would cost one sheep card, one Pure Sheep Badge, and one Arcana Smart Card (magic-type arcana).

She is also in Oops Wharf, running the Harkon Heirloom item exchange. This goes as follows:
  • Harkon Necklace: 1 topaz, 1 tourmaline, and 1 emerald
  • Harkon Ornament: 3 good compound wastes and 1 lapis lazuli
  • Harkon Shard: 2 tourmaline and 2 emeralds
  • Transparent Medicine: same as Compounder Paul (1 Harkon Shard, 2 Super Bean Shells, 1 Fairy's Drink, and 100 galder) but now with a 100% success rate :lol:
Magician Sephira in Megalopolis Square (near Event Garden) runs the exchange for the Polar Bear (Paula) equips!
  • Level 70 and level 120 equips + pet: 1 Pink Potion A a piece
  • Level 180 and 230 equips: 1 Polar Bear card and 1 Santa Bear card
  • Level 180 and level 230 pets: 3 Polar Bear cards and 3 Santa Bear cards
All the Time In the World...

Currently, there are no timed items on our server. There are plans to add some to the list, but for now there are no timed items.
The one exception are the driller pets. On this server, you can get one from Sissy Flote, found in various towns and gates. This Driller Boy cannot be recharged, and is in place to minimize AFK time without taking it out completely. These quests can only be completed once per character.

Darkness On the Horizon

When you hit level 300, you will be able to face a custom boss battle. When you feel like you can take on the world, speak to the NPC called "Intern GM Grackle" in front of the Don Cavalier statue in Megalopolis Square. Listen to his story, and he will warp you to a familiar room. This is the 72nd floor of Chaos Tower! But you won't find an Outraged Requiem here, no--you'll find a GM character that's lost his mind!
He uses some of the more annoying skills, including Banish and Berserker, and summons some of the most annoying enemies, including the Sea Dragon Ghosts from Karan's boss trials and the Tribunal Leviathans from 3rd job trials. If you beat him, however, you get something very, very special--boss unique items! These items are guaranteed to drop and are planned to cycle in and out every so often. Accessories will NOT be included. Currently, the sets in place are Count Blood, Karan, and Tenter Lion.
You can challenge this boss as many times as you want. There are no trials in-between, and currently no cooldown.

Level up for more!

One of the biggest changes we've made is the customized level up rewards. These include modified stock rewards (either additions or replacements) to all new ones. In order:
  • The level 20 reward also gives a Flicker Drill with 600 life.
  • An additional level 25 reward gives the character card your character does not get from their Paradise quest chain, so they can exchange it for hair dye.
  • A new level 60 reward gives a Golden Mole Vest, two HP and MP Magic Stone 50s, and two amethyst and pink elixirs.
  • The level 100 reward gives 5 100K galder checks instead of boosters, as the boosters are not timed.
  • If you play as a Dragon, a new level 120 reward gives an Alexandrite and Adamantite to assist in the differing Dark Lord quests.
  • The level 140 reward now gives 3 1 million galder checks as well as the usual items.
  • The level 180 reward has had the boosters removed.
    Plans to create additional rewards (namely for level 400) are in the works.

Re: rbTO and YOU: A Beginner's Guide

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 7:54 pm
by GM Light
Future Plans

You've heard about what we have. But what about what we will have? Here's what on the agenda.

Requiem-Seized Ed will appear in Caballa Relics, trading Altiverse equipment for certain items. What items these will be is unknown.

Chaos Tower as a whole is planned as well, but not until after the server opens. Once this is added, the Altiverse exchange will be removed.

2nd job character sets (including earrings) are on the agenda as well. The earrings will be used as an exchange item instead of a use item like the original server.

No guarantees can be made--there could easily be something that happens that prevents one or more of these. But for now, get yourself some hype!

Now, one last thing I'm sure is on your mind: when will the server open? Well, these conditions must be met:
1) a full (or close to full) English translation
2) all bugs squished
Until these two conditions are met, the server will remain in closed alpha.