General Server FAQ

Ask questions specifically about the server here. General Trickster questions go in Trickster Q&A.
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General Server FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions
(It's recommended that you go here first before asking any questions.)

Q) What is Trickster Online Rebooted?
Trickster Online Rebooted (also known as Trickster Rebooted or rbTO, and formerly known as Bunneh Trickster Online or bTO) is a fan-run server of the MMORPG Trickster Online. The goal is to make the game as "play-to-win" as possible while still keeping things fresh and fun.

Q) What is Trickster Online?
I'm surprised you don't know!

Q) What version is this server running?
Season 2, based off the Taiwanese server. These lack a few things, which are listed below.

Q) When will the server open?
I have zero idea. Translation from Chinese to English is still unfinished, and even then, testing will need to be done throughout the entire game.

Q) What class would you recommend for someone who hasn't played Trickster at all before?
I'd pick the bunny class. You won't be able to take out multiple enemies right away, but your attacks will be strong enough that it almost won't matter.
When creating your build graph, have it set to 4 in power, 1 in magic, 2 in sense, and 3 in charm.
Put all bonus points into AP.

Q) Where is X area/item?
There's a lot of things we don't have. I'll list them below:
What We Don't Have
> Chaos Tower (the new one) and the skills that come with it (cannot add new skills at the moment)
> TM 210/260 skills currently not possible.
> Updated Guard behavior (mentioned in my Duelist guide) not possible right now
> Many, many items you may be used to (they might be able to be added though, see here for more info)
> Item de-fusion
> And a good bit more that I'm sure I'm missing.
The plan is to add these things sometime in the far future, once the server is opened and stable.

Q) I just logged in with my new account and it's telling me to update my password!
This is something on the server's end. Just type in your password four times, click OK, and log in again. You should be all set after that.

Q) Help! The game just told me I was logged out for using a third-party application! Please don't ban me!
Easy, now. This is an error on the game's end. You're fine, just continue on as normal. (I mean, unless you somehow are...)
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